How Can I Learn More about Jesus?

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If you have begun to investigate Jesus and you’re curious to know more, what are some next steps for learning more about him? You have come to the right place! There are numerous ways in which you can grow in your knowledge about Jesus.

Nothing can replace reading the Bible as much as you can! You can discover a great deal about Jesus from the Bible. You can learn about his background (Matthew 1:1–17; Luke 3:23–38), his birth (Matthew 1:18—2:23; Luke 1:26—2:40), his numerous miracles, his teachings (Matthew 5—7), his death (Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19), his resurrection from the dead (Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20), and his ascension into heaven (Acts 1:6–11). You can even read about the numerous prophecies about Jesus in the Hebrew Bible (start with Isaiah 53). However, you may come across something that doesn’t make sense or is hard to grasp. That is where the second way comes in.

We have provided this website as a helpful tool for you to use at any time to discover a wide range of topics related to Jesus. We have an entire section of the site devoted to articles about Jesus. For example, if you’re curious about who Jesus was, how he was a rabbi, what he taught about, or what he has to do with superheroes, we have an article for each of those topics. We also have a live chat and a contact page where you can get it touch with us if you have any questions. Nothing can replace speaking to a real person who can help you take the next steps in your journey.

Besides spending time on this website, there are other great ways to take the next step. We recommend the books Messianic Foundations by Sam Nadler and More than a Carpenter by Josh and Sean McDowell—and many others on our Resources page. These are great books that give a firm foundation for believing in the God of Israel, and they may answer many questions that you might have. Along with books, you can always listen to podcasts or music from followers of Jesus. Good podcasts to start with include Our Hope by Chosen People Ministries and The Line of Fire by Dr. Michael Brown. You can also check out music by Marty Goetz or Chris Tomlin.

Although you can learn quite a bit about Jesus through reading books and articles, one of the best ways to take the next step is to attend a worship service. There are many excellent Messianic synagogues and churches throughout the United States and the world, and we would be happy to connect you to a good one in your area. A good congregation will include spiritual music, meaningful prayer, and insightful preaching and teaching through the Bible. Along with learning from a pastor or Messianic rabbi, you can also attend small group Bible study sessions, where you can explore faith in a more relational way.

As you begin your investigation into Yeshua, you will encounter a person who has captivated millions for generations. You will never come to the end of what you can know about who Jesus is. Whether you are reading the Bible for the first time, or you have a master’s degree in biblical studies, there will always be more depths to search out. We are glad that you have come here to take your first steps in a profound journey of exploration and faith.