I Am Perfectly Content—Why Should I Consider Jesus?

Contentment. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. However you want to express it, it’s something that we place a high value on in our society. Self-help books, pop philosophies, life coaches, fad diets—there’s an entire industry built up around…

What is the Relationship Between Jesus and the Hebrew Scriptures?

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Some assume Jesus had very little connection to the Hebrew Scriptures and think he intended to start a new religion. When you read the accounts of Jesus’s life, it becomes plain that nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus’s life…

What Does the Old Testament Say About Jesus?

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This question could be asked in another way: what does the Old Testament say about the Messiah, and does Jesus fit that description? From the moment that we, the Jewish people, began to be a distinct nation, God planned to send the Messiah to…