Was Jesus Jewish?

In 1938, French-Jewish artist Marc Chagall painted “White Crucifixion,” which depicts Yeshua as a Jewish man hanging on a tree. He is wearing a prayer shawl and is surrounded by images of contemporary persecution: a synagogue is burned,…

What Does it Mean to Be a Jewish Follower of Jesus?

Ever since Jesus' ministry began in Israel, there have been Jewish people who believed in him. Jesus’ first followers were Jewish, and within thirty years of his resurrection from the dead, thousands of Jewish people in Jerusalem alone believed…

Can I Be Jewish and Believe in Jesus?

I’d like to introduce you to Jordan, Ronit, and Johnny. Jordan grew up in a Jewish home, but he hated Hebrew School and flunked out before his bar mitzvah. He was infatuated with the arts and pursued a career in theater. He became involved…