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Are Heaven and Hell Real Places?

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In the modern world, we are unaccustomed to talking about Hell as a real place, and if we speak about Heaven, we often assume that it is the default destiny of all human beings. However, if you do any kind of reading or studying of the Bible…

What is Atonement?

Atonement is not a particularly popular word in English, but perhaps you are familiar with Yom Kippur, which means Day of Atonement. It is a time when many Jewish people fast and pray, seeking God’s forgiveness. In everyday speech, the verb…

What Does Isaiah 53 Have to Do with Jesus?

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Isaiah 53 is an amazing chapter filled with significant prophecies about the Messiah. This chapter 1) provides specific details of how Messiah would suffer and die to take away our sins, 2) describes Messiah’s rejection by His own people,…