Where is Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures? Part II

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To read Part I of this series, click here. In this second article on Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures, I am going to introduce you to a concept that I believe is the key to finding Yeshua throughout Israel’s experience in the Old Testament. No…

Where is Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures? Part I

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According to the New Testament, the resurrected Yeshua was walking on the road with two of his disciples on Resurrection Sunday (Easter), and they didn’t recognize him. They were depressed that their rabbi had just been executed. So Yeshua…

Did Jesus Claim to Be Divine?

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In a Jewish mindset there is only one God in all the cosmos (Deut. 6:4, Isaiah 44:6). It would be remarkable for a Jewish person to claim his own divinity; however, it is even more extraordinary that Jesus’s early Jewish followers agreed with…