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Suffering and the Existence of God

As Ellis Goldstein watched the police car enter his driveway, he braced himself for the bad news. The officer handed Ellis the driver’s license of his seventeen-year-old daughter, Heather, regrettably informing him that she had just died in a fatal car crash. “When Heather died,” Ellis recalls, “I questioned God’s love for a long time.” […]


What is the Relationship Between God and Jesus?

Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes, discovering this can change everything. The enduring appeal of crime dramas and murder mysteries illustrates how the human mind is eager to uncover what is hidden. Think, for example, of the classic thriller, The Sixth Sense, which includes a plot twist so radical that it begs rewatching […]


Was Jesus a Rabbi?

Is there a single word that best sums up the life of Jesus? Many call him “the Savior” because he saves people from being alienated from God. Others call him “the Redeemer” for much the same reason. Perhaps the most common title used to describe Jesus is “the Christ,” which is the Greek word for […]


Is Jesus the Messiah of Israel?

This is one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself. If you are curious about Jesus and how he is relevant to you as a Jewish person, then you have come to the right place. Yes, we wholeheartedly believe that Yeshua (his Hebrew name) is the Messiah of Israel, and we have […]